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« Echo » is an installation of rattles crafted from automobile exhaust pipes. Each rattle will be suspended from the gallery ceiling, with a series of fans around them generating air currents, moving the rattle structure and creating sounds in the process.

The artwork is an artistic exploration aiming to transform everyday objects associated with urban mobility into instruments of expression and reflection. It delves into the heart of modernity, using car exhaust pipes as raw material.

The core concept of « Echo » is the reinterpretation of sound and environmental pollution as a form of art. Exhaust pipes, usually perceived as sources of noise and pollution, are transformed into suspended rattles, emitting unexpected and melodious sounds when stirred by the surrounding fans. This transformation challenges preconceived notions about the beauty and utility of everyday objects, inviting the viewer to contemplate the hidden aesthetics in the mundane.

Furthermore, the interaction between the rattles and the fans creates a dialogue between the rigidity of metal and the fluidity of air, exploring the duality between technology and nature. The sounds generated by this interaction serve as a metaphor for the complex and often conflicting relationship between technological progress and environmental preservation. Simultaneously, the constant presence of fans evokes the omnipresence of metal in modern society, reminding the viewer of the underlying influence of technology in our daily lives.


Rattle, wood, threads.
Automobile exhaust pipes
Circle of electric fans
Variable dimensions